Sculptures & Wire Art by Ryan Kelley

Wire By Ryan is the online portal for Massachusetts-based sculpture artist Ryan Kelley. Well known for his distinctive wire tree sculptures, Ryan’s art transcends a variety of media to include large-scale metal sculptures, custom metal wall art, wire art affixed to stone bases, 3-D art installations, and much more.


All of Ryan’s art is custom, handmade, and unique - no two pieces are exactly alike. Inspired by forms found in nature and in the world around us, Ryan’s art is at once true-to-form and yet a creative re-imagining of the world we see every day.

Whether as a gift or to be enjoyed personally, Ryan’s art has sold to collectors across the United States and as far away as Asia and the Philippines.

A self-taught artist and sculptor, Ryan Kelley is heavily involved in his local art community and gives lectures and presentations throughout the community. His art can be seen in various art shows throughout the New England area.

Welcome to Wire By Ryan. Please feel free to browse through Ryan’s portfolio and recent commissions. Explore currently available sculptures and artworks, and contact Ryan to request custom commissions or artist appearances.

"Ryan Kelley possesses more than talent - it's genius mixed with brilliance and humor and humility. And we get trees and tables and roses - one of kind pieces of magic that we can enjoy and share and talk about. Yeah, he's more than just an artist, he's a magician."